• Datetime comparisons in CakeTime are more accurate now.
  • FormHelper now correctly marks fields with error classes on forms that save multiple records.
  • Controller::$modelClass is now set before components are initialized.
  • The file reading features of CakeEmail are now available outside the class.
  • Email line wrapping compatibility with japanese messages has been improved.
  • HtmlHelper::tag() now returns the content when $tag is false.
  • Mocked components are now enabled when using ControllerTestCase::testAction().
  • The type attribute can now be set when using HtmlHelper::script() and HtmlHelper::scriptBlock().
  • Passing an empty array does not reset SmtpTransport’s configuration anymore.
  • Xml parse errors with SimpleXmlElement now throw XmlException.
  • FormHelper now disables options in multi-select elements now.
  • TranslateBehavior now always uses $name instead of alias when updating/inserting rows.
  • Cookie expiry times in the distant future now work on 32bit systems.
  • FileEngine now clears groups with differing prefixes correctly.


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